Coaches Profiles

Parkview Squash Centre offers a full coaching programme for all levels of player from beginners to top provincial standard. The programme is directed by Head Coach/Club Manager, Craig van der Wath (see profile) who leads the coaching and directs a team of assistant coaches.

Coaching is beneficial to all standard of squash player because to improve a player should have the fundamental techniques to improve. If you have an incorrect technique you are handicapping yourself and will be at an immediate disadvantage.

If you are not passionate about your hobby you will not put your heart into it and as a result will just be going through the motions. You will still improve but not at the rate or as quickly as someone that has the passion and the will to get better and seek the advise of a coach.

Craig is an expert coach for young competitive players wishing to develop their game to full potential. All aspects of their development is covered: technical stroke production – fitness training specific for squash – mental attitude (dealing with pressure) – tactical knowledge.

Individual Coaching sessions: Advanced, club standard, inexperienced players.
To find out more information about a coach that would suit you please contact Craig van der Wath Tel: 011-646-2051 / Cell: 082-566-9999