Membership, Leagues, Teams & Tournaments


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Social Players

You do not have to be a member of Parkview Squash Centre to have a social game.

Fees are R40 per person (non peak times 6am to 4pm weekdays Monday to Friday)
  R70 per person (peak times 4pm to 10pm weekdays Monday to Friday)
    (weekend Sat & Sun 8am to 12pm and Sunday 4pm to 8pm)

Gauteng and Masters League Teams

Parkview squash Centre also offers it’s members to be part of the Gauteng League and Gauteng Masters league structure. For participation in both these leagues you need to be a member of Parkview Squash Centre.

In Gauteng League Parkview has approx. 10 teams and in the Masters league approx. 8 teams. The costs of these for 2015 are as follows:

Gauteng League R250 per person
Masters League R275 per person if paid before 31 March 2015 or R325 thereafter


Are you interested in finding out how to get involved in tournaments at Parkview Squash Centre and possibly outside of our club?

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